UP Women’s Empowerment Retreat

St. George, Utah, February 28,29, Mar 1, 2020

Do you feel “less than” because you have not been able to reach your full potential?

Are you feeling stuck? Do you spend most of your days feeling unfulfilled?

Are you frustrated with yourself, and everyone else?  Do you feel tossed around by your emotions?

Do you wonder why you feel hurt and angry? Do you wish you could just “get over it” and move forward?

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Join Personal Power Coach, Cary Mac Arthur and Empowerment and Wellness Mentor, JoJo Bennington, along with special guests Emotional Balancing Practitioner and Reiki Master, LivDeep Valadez, and Yoga and Reiki Master, Kim Nally, for an incredible weekend of growth and personal transformation. In one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth, we will spend our time together on a journey of exploration and self-discovery that will lead to:

  • Self Love

  • Learning

  • Healing

  • Forgiving

  • Connecting

  • Finding your voice

  • Building your strength

  • Stepping through fear

  • Heal your inner emotions

You will, without a doubt, make lifelong girlfriends, enjoy special surprises, bask in nature’s bounty, grow, learn, bond and have so much fun!

“Since working with Cary I’ve had one major break-through and tons of “Aha’s”, one after another. I no longer feel lost and have surprised myself with how much I’ve grown in such a short amount of time.” –Jenny Rose

“JoJo is an amazing mentor and coach who undoubtedly believes in me and my dreams. She always reminds me that I create my own story, and my mind believes everything I think. So, I’ve learned to think positive thoughts and tell myself I AM what I desire to be. Therefore, I AM worthy, I AM beautiful, I AM sexy, I AM a morning person.” – Marci

Special guests and plenty of surprises are planned for each of you!

We will be a small, intimate group of incredible women-- just like you --with a special purpose. Together we will support each other on the path to fulfillment, self-discovery, peace, and joy.
The spaces are very limited, so please register right away. We don't want you to miss out if you feel called to be with us.

This incredible weekend of wonderful sharing and genuine support will all take place while overlooking the most beautiful setting in nature you can imagine.

Yes… You ARE Worth It!

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We will all be sharing a huge, beautiful home in Santa Clara, right outside of Snow Canyon State Park.  It will be a safe, sacred, comfortable, intimate, environment, where we can all grow together to our next steps.  And what an amazing weekend to be together, with it being leap year, that weekend it is the perfect time to leave behind the old patterns and leap into the new! 

Why did we choose Utah?

“This is one of the most healing, spiritual environments we have every experienced.  The beauty is unmatched and the energy here is clean and clear.  It is the perfect place to learn and grow"  ~~JoJo and Cary


This life-changing event will begin at 5pm on Friday, February 28th and conclude on Sunday, March 1st at 3pm.

Your all inclusive price of $659* covers:


  • Shared, Comfortable Accommodations from Fri. eve-Mon. morn.

  • Meals and Snacks Prepared by our Private Chef

  • All Transformational Workshops


{Early Bird Price of $589 is available until Jan 1. 2020 when paid in full}


*Payment plans are available, please email us via the contact information below.

*Cancellation policy - No refunds - Any fees paid will be applied to a future retreat

"My experience at the Up Retreat was nothing less than AMAZING! When I first heard there was going to be a retreat for women, to be honest, my first thought was great a weekend away, with no kids and no husband.  Little did I know how much this “weekend away” would change my life forever. I’ve been to numerous events and as most, leave the event full of enthusiasm and excitement. Which lasts for awhile till I get pulled back into the “crab pot” of life.  That was not the case here. The tools I acquired and the things I learned about myself changed me forever for the better. I felt so safe and secure knowing that I could share anything and there would be no judgment or ridicule. Something I think as women we often fear, so we don’t always open up and share our true feelings. I know that was the case with me. Until I went to this event.   I went to this event only knowing 2 other people. By the end, I had sisters for a lifetime. The bonds that were created in those 3 days with the other women are the type of bonds that nothing and no one can break. We all came as strangers and left as lifelong friends/sisters.  I highly recommend this event to any and all women." - Sara Close

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